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Monday, January 24, 2011

First Good Will Find

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go to my local Good will and browse around a bit on my lunch break. I had no idea what I was looking for, I just knew I wanted to buy something to make my house a little nicer because that is what others were blogging about great Goodwill treasures. Anyway, I came across an antique gold metal cute basket. I had not idea what I was gonna use it for, but I really adored the details and for $2.oo I had to have it. So I brought it home and put it on my kitchen counter and while it was a cute accent it looked lonely. So, I decided why not roll up some kitchen towels and keep them handy next to my sink. It was a cute little buy!! Thanks Goodwill...I am sure you will be seeing more of me!!

With love,