Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday and guess what!!??? I am super excited because I only have to work 2.5 days. This past weekend was a really good one, on Saturday my son had his last game of the baseball for fall season, and they went out with a win! Final score 12-8. Woo-hoo.
Saturday evening, I had a much needed girls night with my sister in law. She treated me to dinner at Carrabbas and I must say the food was phenomenal. Not only did I have one drink, but two, glasses of Sangria with an appetizer of Shrimp Scampi it was so yummy, followed by Pasta Weezy, it was mouth watering good. Oh and the never ending bread with olive oil needless to say, I was stuffed.
After our Nosh, it was on to watch Catching Fire. OMG, it was so good, even though Gale is the"Eye Candy", Peeta is stinkin cute, he melts your heart. Looking forward to the MockingJay!
I almost forgot about my Sunday, probably because it was so uneventful. I pretty much did some house chores, finished up my Thanksgiving shopping and relaxed. Well I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Family & Friends on this Thanksgiving! xoxo, Jessie
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