Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another go at blogging...

Hi There,
Its been a lil while since I posted an entry, but know that I have been reading lots of blogs it can be so addicting..and the more I have been reading blogs the more I am like, hey, I can do this.
It wasn't until I read a popular blog which gave me inspiration as well as amazing tips on creating a blog. 
One particular tip that I was never doing was "Making Time" to post.  If you walked a day in my shoes, you'd probably wonder if I sleep.
My schedule consists of:
6:00am Rise and Shine
7:15am Leave for my 1:15hr commute
8:30am-5:30pm Work Work Work
5:30pm 1hr commute home
6:30pm-9:30 pm baseball practice for my son (who played this spring on a Rec, Travel and now Allstar team) if there is a game even later. But thats another post all together.
10:00pm get home and cleanup and getting things ready for another day.
11:00pm-12am Read blogs
12am Night Night
Some may think I am crazy but a moms gotta work, watch her kid play ball..and all that jazz in between..
Yay I've felt like I "made time"to blog. I can do this...Well thats all for now...

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